Was he being too friendly? He has a girlfriend?! :S?

Say you frequent a coffee shop where a cute guy works. You always smile and say hi to each other. He bumps into you outside of work, and he asks you where you were going when he sees you the next day. It's a holiday, and he asks you what your plans are for the night... when you tell him you're not doing anything special, he asks you if you drink. You tell him you drink wine and he laughs and says, ''Curl up with a glass of wine.''

And he has a girlfriend the whole entire time. Would you think this guy liked you, or would you assume he was just being friendly? I started crushing on him.. not knowing he had a gf. I'm a little heartbroken and feel stupid. Am I wrong to feel this way? Was he out of line, or is that just how guys are friendly these days?

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    If guys are friendly like that, it is wrong. If you have a girlfriend you are supposed to be loyal to who you are dating and you shouldn't be going around trying to hook up with other girls (aka, you). He was probably trying to have a little fun with you

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    That sounds like a normal conversation to me. If you had not been crushing on him you may have seen it as normal too. You want him to know you know? Next time he asks what's up and what your plans are, ask him about his with his girlfriend. That'll likely end any conversation.

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    You've asked this question before a good while back, I'm sure there's other opinions you could have gotten by now instead of coming back here

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