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Are mountain bikes good for commuting?

So I don't know much about bikes and i plan on getting one just to travel to my friends houses, work the gym, etc. I'm in high school so I don't have much money to spend on this. At places like sport check and Canadian tire mountain bikes seem to be significantly cheaper than any other kind. Would it be fine for me to get a mountain bike for commuting?

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  • David
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    4 years ago
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    If you're gonna commute - and be happy with it - you need a reliable bike that's fit-for-purpose.

    Unfortunately a department store MTB is unlikely to be either.

    Older, rigid MTBs make decent commuters with some easy mods. Smoother, narrower tires, and maybe a tighter ratio cassette.

    For road use you don't need the knobblies and the suspension.

    All they do on road is eat up energy that otherwise would have gone into speed forward. They make the bike heavier too. So you lose both coming and going.

    For utility minded riding, get a utility minded bike.

    Means some gears, fenders and a rack.

    And for road use - NO suspension.

  • 4 years ago

    Stock mountain bikes make poor commuters. Knobby tires have very high rolling resistance on the road, gearing isn't optimal, and suspension components reduce efficiency. You might be able to modify a mountain bike to be more efficient on the road, but by the time you bought new tires and changed the gearing you would have spent enough to buy a better bike in the first place. Discount stores like Canadian tire sell inexpensive bikes, but they cannot service them, I was in a bike shop one day and I saw a brand new Canadian Tire bike at the service desk, still had the store tags on it. The owner had brought it in because the brakes and derailleurs didn't work properly. If you buy an inappropriate bike from a mass market retailer, figure in the extra costs to modify it and tune it up before you dismiss the idea of buying the right bike for your needs from a specialist.

  • John M
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    4 years ago

    Mountain bikes are the worst choice for a commuter get a hybrid that doesn't have shocks. A used hybrid would be much better then a bike from any department or auto store.

  • 4 years ago

    Just about the worst possible choice. Sport Check and Canadian Tire are also about the worst places to buy a bicycle.

    You want to get around town quickly & smoothly? Go look at hybrid type bikes from an actual bicycle shop, not a discount or big box store. Twice the money but ten times better quality.

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  • 4 years ago

    unless you will be traveling on dirt, then i would suggest a road bike instead.

    mountian bikes are generally heavier and have more rolling resistance as a result they are much slower than road bikes.

    Mountain bikes do have a few advantages.. you can go up just about any hill because of the gearing. 2. you can go on dirt.. road bikes dont do well on dirt.

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