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How to be a preppy girl?

What sports do they do? Where do they shop? And any other info that would help. Thanks.

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    Typically, a preppy girl will do any type of sport. In terms of stereotypes though it would probably be a sport that involves less physical contact. Tennis, croquet, golf, volleyball, dance, gymnastics, cheerleading and swimming are good ones.

    There are different kinds of preps. A Cher Horrowitz style prep (blazers, co-ords, headbands) would probably shop in high end designer stores. These could be substituted for thrift shops which might sell designer clothing or similiarly co-orded clothing. Another form of prep (most popular during the 2000s) tends to be brand concious and wear clothing that emphasises where it was bought from. lFor example a Hollister/Abercombie and Fitch t-shirt with the logo emphasised across it paired with jeans or a denim skirt as well as sneakers or heels. There are also sporty preps who tend to mostly wear clothing by sporting brands so it's similar to being brand concious but wearing things like Fred Perry polo-shirts and tennis skirts and almost exclusively wearing sneakers. If you're a sporty prep who plays a sport, it would make sense to shop especially for a sporting brand that makes clothes associated with the sport you play. Like wearing Pineapple clothing if you're a dancer.

    Some preps (especially Cher Horrowitz preps) often work hard on being organised and staying on top their studies. Sporty preps tend to put a lot of time into training for the sport that they play and living a healthy lifestyle. Preps tend to wear very neutral make up (nude lipstick or clear gloss, neutral eyeshadow with out heavy eyeliner).

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    I guess I'm preppy. I'm a cheerleader and I shop at Pink, Forever 21, Pacsun, and Hollister. I don't really know what other info I have but if you have more questions about preppy girls I can answer.

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