Why are AMD FX computers so much cheaper than Intel?

I've just been looking on bestbuy at gaming pcs and every single AMD pc is hundreds cheaper than Intel ones.. why? Are they worse quality? Am I missing something is Intel too overpriced and I could get a very similar pc for cheap with AMD FX?

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  • 4 years ago
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    First off amd hasnt released an FX cpu since like 2012, so thats one reason. Where as intel has released a new cpu almost every year.

    And because of this, intel is ahead of amd in both performance aswell as power efficiency. (and they know this, thus are able to charge more for their cpus, since amd cant really compete with intels latest cpus very well)

    amd is planning on releasing new cpus later this year which are supposed to compete with intel cpus again in performance and power efficiency, but we wont know until they are released in a few months.

    At this time, its probably better to go with intel, especially if you are looking for a gaming pc. the core i3-6100 beats out most all amd cpus in gaming performance (there are tasks, such as video editing or running virtual machines and such which will have more benefit on something like an amd fx8350 than a core i3).

    If you are looking at a basic usage pc, amd is likely a better option due to being cheaper.

  • 4 years ago

    Two things: brand name and efficiency.

    Some of the pricing includes that it's just Intel. You're paying for brand name, of course. That's not all that is to the price, though.

    AMD CPUs tend to to be less efficient than their Intel counterparts, whether that's from power consumption or from having less instructions per cycle (this is why AMD computers tend to have more cores). That's because Intel technology is definitely more robust. However, these differences tend to be quite little, especially with regard to the average user's computer use. Unless you're playing the most strenuous of games or running very CPU intensive applications, it shouldn't really matter to you.

  • 4 years ago

    Intel too overpriced and I could get a very similar pc for cheap with AMD FX

  • 4 years ago

    Generally, AMD has better multi-core performance but Intel has better single-core performance. This means that Intel CPUs will get higher framerates in games but AMD CPUs will be faster when doing things like rendering videos.

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  • 4 years ago

    Intel wont bottleneck your graphics card. if you have a cheap graphics card then get an amd computer if you want to save money but if your graphics card is over 400 dollars then you would want an intel.

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