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What about Hillary do ppl like...specifically better than Trump? What she DOES? Who she IS?

Try not to bash Trump.

Try to stay positive, not 'Hillary does NOT'

do what Trump does.

That does not say what she DOES DO.

Try to give some facts.

I'm not seeing much about facts on her.

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    Hillary Clinton had a reason for attacking rival Donald Trump over his ties to Russia: She has her own ties she's trying to conceal.

    “There is a much deeper connection on record with Hillary Clinton and Russia than we are presently aware of with Donald Trump," Assange said. "Hillary Clinton did quite well strategically to draw a connection between Trump and Russia because she has so many connections of her own."

    Politico reported that top Democratic officials see these emails leaks as one of several curveballs that could swing the election in favor of Trump.

    “We may be headed into uncharted waters, and this has the potential to spiral out of control,” longtime Democratic operative Jim Manley said.

    Watch more from "Fox and Friends Weekend" above.

    Huckabee: Hillary Can't Fix America's Problems Because She Helped Create Them

    Trump Slams Hillary for 'Short-Circuiting' on Email Question

    Krauthammer: Hillary Needs 'Lying Lessons' From Her Husband

    'Daily Caller' Editor: Hillary Just 'Gift-Wrapped the Weekend' for Trump

    WATCH: State Dept Spox Breaks Out in Laughter After Saying Dept Is Transparent

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    Mikey writes: "She has a great deal of experience in the public sector both as senator and Secretary of State".

    Yes 0 years of her blundering about in the Middle East, causing the disaster in Libya…that then spread into civil war across North Africa…ending with Syria…and ISIS formed to fill a vacuum. each of those countries, with Egypt and Turkey, have now reverted to Fundamentalist islam and sharia law, setting the role and Rights of women back hundred of years.

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    Collects monies for her Organization. She avoids watch on her post when she was Secretary of State. She knows better an most Political figures how to infiltrate emails to possible terrorists then she knows how to eliminated the ones that could incriminate her. Ned I go on?

  • Anonymous
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    She has a great deal of experience in the public sector both as senator and Secretary of State while her opponent has none. She has no problem making public her tax returns. Her web site has detailed programs on a variety of subjects while her opponent has nothing but fluff.

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  • justa
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    What she does do is have plans and policies written down that detail what she wants to implement and how she plans to do it. See for all of them.

    You may not agree with all of them but she's got them out there. She's given it thought.

    They aren't a rehash of failed past policies, like a health savings account.

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    She is intelligent, able and ready to lead the country, Trump clearly is not.

  • Bob
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    5 years ago

    She is a Politician, he is not.

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