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do you support the genetic engineering of crop plants to make them resistant to the powerful herbicide Roundup?

do you support the genetic engineering of crop plants to make them resistant to the powerful herbicide Roundup, allowing the use of Roundup to kill competing weeds without harming the crop plants?

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    There are questions regarding the safety of GMO crops, and the effects of Roundup on our bodies. There are also other environmental concerns. As small farms are bought, and combined to make huge farms, use of round up has become a lethal problem to the existence of Monarch butterfly which needs four generations to get to its habitats in Mexico. Rounup is killing the milkweed plant which grew naturally and the Monarch caterpillar feeds on for its survival. Socioeconomically speaking, mechanization of farms has created unemployment among the farm laborers forcing them to move to the cities where they live in poverty and in shacks.

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    No. But not so much because of the genetic tinkering...but because of the resulting farming practices. It allows crops to be positively BATHED in Glysophate (Round-up). And now that chemical is showing up in our bodies, because it's on our food crops like never before. It's estimated that 94% of Americans, right now, test positive for Glysophate in their urine.

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    I don't believe in genetic engineering, because it can lead to cancerous growths in both animals and humans. Stick with organic gardening.

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    No because our bodies weren't created to support gmos they are made to process natural and organic food. Why do you think obesity, diabetes, cancer, etc is at an all time high.

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    the weeds will eventually develop a system to counter act what ever we trow at them to try to kill them

    just like every other living organism

    and i allso think genetic engineering in humans is a MUCH much bigger issue to be discussed

    watch KUSZEGSTAGS video on genetic modification its very helpfull with the topic of human dna manipulation

    if you are inrested :) <3 baboom

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