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Windows PC problem (Blue Screen of Death?)?

So I have an ASUS originally windows 7 but free upgrade to Windows 10. Anyways, when "ASUS" should be displayed when starting up, it turns to this blue with white text screen. The white text has my computer info (e.g. processing core, date, time), and when this used to come up, I would press Esc. And ten press 'yes' under quit without saving and startup would be normal. However,now it just reverts to the same screen when I try that. Before my PC crashed, I ran a full McAfee scan and it showed no virus. What is happening, how is it fixed?

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    My guess is that one of the drivers is not playing nice with Windows 10. Boot on safe mode without networking and see if that works. If it does boot, it's a networking driver. If it does not boot, it can be several other drivers like mouse, video, etc. If you allowed Windows 10 to retain Windows 7, you might be able to revert back to Windows 7.

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