Gnostics were the original followers of Jesus?

Not that we limited ourselves to the teachings of Jesus, but we knew back in the day, that Jesus was the master of all masters.

The Gnostics were not welcome in, what over time would eventually become Christianity.

The Christians feared gnostic truths. .

Why is that? What threat is knowledge, if you stand strong in your faith?

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    My name is G... and I'll not be silent. Digest this: EARLY CHRISTIAN HERESIES AND SECRET SOCIETIES.... Nazareans, Ophites, and modern Druzes

    " One by one the tide of time engulfed the sects of the early centuries, until of the whole number only one survived in its primitive integrity. That one still exists, still teaches the doctrine of its founder, still exemplifies its faith in works of power. The quicksands which swallowed up every other outgrowth of the religious agitation of the times of Jesus, with its records, relics, and traditions, proved firm ground for this. Driven from their native land, its members found refuge in Persia, and to-day the anxious traveller may converse with the direct descendants of the "Disciples of John," who listened, on the Jordan's shore, to the "man sent from God," and were baptized and believed. This curious people, numbering 30,000 or more, are miscalled "Christians of St. John," but in fact should be known by their old name of Nazareans, or their new one of Mendaeans.

    To term them Christians, is wholly unwarranted. They neither believe in Jesus as Christ, nor accept his atonement, nor adhere to his Church, nor revere its "Holy Scriptures." Neither do they worship the Jehovah-God of the Jews and Christians, a circumstance which of course proves that their founder, John the Baptist, did not worship him either. And if not, what right has he to a place in the Bible, or in the portrait-gallery of Christian saints? Still further, if Ferho was his God, and he was "a man sent by God," he must have been sent by Lord Ferho, and in his name baptized and preached? Now, if Jesus was baptized by John, the inference is that he was baptized according to his own faith; therefore, Jesus too, was a believer in Ferho, or Faho, as they call him; a conclusion that seems the more warranted by his silence as to the name of his "Father." And why should the hypothesis that Faho is but one of the many corruptions of Fho or Fo, as the Thibetans and Chinese call Buddha, appear ridiculous? In the North of Nepaul, Buddha is more often called Fo than Buddha."

    Source(s): Isis Unveiled
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    The original followers of Jesus were those whom Jesus liberated from Judaism.

  • The masses didn't want what Jesus taught. His example, and teachings, were what is "abhorrent" to them. They only used him as a means to get the Hebrew bible, renaming it the "Old Testament", and putting it on top of the Gospels of Christ. Thus smothering out his words.

    They don't want the loving and forgiving God.

    They want the jealous and vengeful "lord".

    They cannot see the difference because there is no difference in their own selves.

    Source(s): Everything the mainstream Christians believe in comes from the old bible.
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    They wish. No, the gnostics were far from the gospel of Christ.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    they only lasted 2 centuries after their beliefs were found to be abhorrent to Christians

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    4 years ago


    They didn't even exist when Jesus lived.

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    Why is the G silent?

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