A grasshopper can jump a maximum horizontal distance of 40 cm.It spends negligible time on ground, then its speed along the plane will be?

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    If we assume g = 9.8 m/s² and that air resistance will be negligible and the surface traveled over is horizontal, then we know the launch angle will be 45° and the initial horizontal and vertical velocities will be equal.

    as speed is distance over time

    The horizontal velocity will be

    v = d/t

    the time taken for the initial vertical velocity to drop to zero is

    t' = v/g

    and each leap will take twice that long

    t = 2t' = 2v/g

    plugging this time value into our original velocity equation for one leap

    v = d/(2v/g)

    v = dg/2v

    v² = dg/2

    v = √(dg/2)

    v = √(0.4(9.8)/2)

    v = 1.4 m/s

    I hope this helped.

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