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Give me riddles to solve!?

Best answer to whoever enters the most riddles. :)


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    What is it that no man ever yet did see, which never was, but always is to be?

    What is black when you buy it, red when you use it, and gray when you throw it away?

    Everyone has it. Those who have it least don’t know that they have it. Those who have it most wish they had less of it, But not too little or none at all.

    I know a word; six letters it contains. And yet if you take one away, twelve is what remains.

    What five-letter word becomes shorter when you add two letters to it?

    This old one runs forever, but never moves at all. He has not lungs nor throat, but still a mighty roaring call. What is it?

    What is at the end of a rainbow?

    What is it that no one wants, but no one wants to lose?

    We travelled the sea far and wide. At one time, two of my sailors were standing on opposite sides of the ship. One was looking west and the other one east. And at the same time, they could see each other clearly. How can that be possible?

    Forward I am heavy, but backward I am not. What am I?

    What time of day, when written in a capital letters, is the same forwards, backwards and upside down?

    Lives without a body, hears without ears, speaks without a mouth, to which the air alone gives birth. What is it?

    What belongs to you but others use it more than you do?

    What's the difference between here and there?

    In the fathers will, he states that his sons must race their horse, and the son with the slowest horse will receive the fathers entire fortune. The two sons race, but never finish it, as they deliberately slow their horses. After visiting the oracle the sons race horses as fast as possible. What did the oracle tell them?

    Tim and Mel are long distance lovers. Tim has just purchased an engagement ring for Mel and wants to mail it to her. Unfortunately the only way to ensure the ring will be received is to place a lock on the package. Tim has locks and Mel has locks but neither have keys for each others locks. How can they ensure the ring isn't stolen?

    What is round on both ends and hi in the middle?

    What English word has three consecutive double letters?

    What word looks the same upside down and backwards?

    Whoever makes it, tells it not; whoever takes it, knows it not; and whoever knows it, wants it not. What is it?

    How can the number four be half of five?

    The state of holding a person in your person.

    If you throw me out the window, I'll leave a grieving wife. Bring me back, but through the door, You'll see someone giving life. What am I?

    Thousands lay up gold within this house, But no man made it. Spears past counting guard this house, But no man wards it.

    What goes through a door but never goes in and never comes out?

    Flour of England, fruit of Spain, Met together in a shower of rain; Put in a bag tied round with a string, If you'll tell me this riddle, I'll give you a ring.

    You hear it speak, for it has a hard tongue. But it cannot breathe, for it has not a lung. What is it?

    What is that which goes with a car, comes with a car, is of no use to a car, and yet the car cannot go without it?

    Three people check into a room. The bill is $30. They split it 3 ways. Later on the hotel realizes they should have charged $25 so they send a bellhop to return $5. The bellhop realizes he can't split $5 3 ways to he gives each person $1 and keeps $2. They have now paid $9 each for the room, the bellhop has $2. $27 + $2 = $29 What happened to the last $1 considering $30 was originally paid.

    You are playing a game of dodge ball with two other people, John and Tom. You're standing in a triangle and you all take turns throwing at one of the others of your choosing until there is only one person remaining. You have a 30 percent chance of hitting someone you aim at, John has a 50 percent chance, and Tom a 100 percent change (he never misses). If you hit somebody they are out and no longer get a turn. If the order of throwing is you, John, then Tom; what should you do to have the best chance of winning?

    It is an insect, and the first part of its name is the name of another insect. What is it?

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    Answe this ??

    One rabbit saw 6 elephants while going towards River.

    Every elephant saw 2 monkeys going towards river.

    Every monkey holds one parrot in their hands.

    Now tell me how many animals are going towards river.

    IIM interview question most of the people guess it wrong

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    are you bill gates for me to spend my time writing riddles for?

  • 4 years ago

    whyd the chicken cross the road?

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