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Why is he still bullying me?

TWO years ago, I dated this guy and because of a misunderstanding we broke up. I didn't really care at that point but after we did he sarted bullying me. Mainly racism or just plain out threatening to hit me and (I don't know what this is but) making weird noises at me when we walk past each other. I did nothing for a long time, it did hurt my feelings. One day I couldn't take it and told the teacher who brought it to the principal. They only made us do a quiz on if we feel "safe" at our school but that's it. They didn't do anything to help me. Please don't say "well it's ur fault u got involved w/him!" Sorry, I didn't know this would happen but I wish I did see it coming. So anyway, he's had a bunch of girlfriends afterwards and recently broke up with another one. We had a party recently at our school (it's summer break rn). I thought he would've gotten over it but he continued to do this. It's been two years and many girlfriends! Why is he still so against me? I want to know why so I can stop this!

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    IMO- you can do and realize a couple things here:

    1. Be happy this immature jerk is out of your life

    2. Realize his jibes toward you are not so much bullying, but his desperate attempt at remaining some part of your life. If he was really thru with you, he wouldn't want any interaction with you.

    3. Ignore his bids for your attention as much as you can. He wants to get a rise out of you-don't give it to him.

    4. Make yourself available to new things in your life besides worrying bout this S-hole.

    5. If all else fails and he continues the racism and the threat of physical abuse, maybe get your parents involved.

    Hope this helps- good luck to you.

    Source(s): Old enuff and been thru enuff to know better
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    "I want to know why so I can stop this!"

    You can't stop stupid... that's why they call them stupid, they have no comprehension they are even being stupid.

    What is truly sad is when smart people lower themselves to the point they buy into stupidity. The guy is a zero. When some loopy person stands on the sidewalk yelling swear words at cars that go by the drivers don't think 'wonder what i did to deserve that' as if it is some reflection on them, they just see it as some crazy person being crazy.

    Who cares if he is against you, he's an idiot just being an idiot - means less than nothing. Aren't you buying into stupid drama?

    Fix it by not buying into stupid drama from a stupid person. You are smart, so just keep being smart.

    He's just some butthurt guy who can't get past stuff, big deal. Good you broke up, be pleased.. "good riddance" is the best fix and cure.

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    He probably liked you so much it hurt him when you guys broke up. Anyways just ignore him. Don't pay any attention to him. That's what he wants, he wants your attention

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    you cannot stop it, just stay our of his way until it is over and you leave.

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