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Christians, and others finding Christianity logically necessary? Why is it logically necessary?

Note: those not answering question are outside guidelines...usually.

But if you know why Christianity is logically necessary, by all means,nabs were are welcomed.

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  • J H
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    4 years ago
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    Is Christianity logically necessary ? Can we argue or reason

    that Christianity is an effective and convincing force which

    makes it also logical ?Luke the physician thought so many

    years ago when he wrote , Forasmuch as many have taken

    in hand to set forth in order a decleration of those things

    which are most surely believed among us. That thou mightest

    know the certainty of those things wherein thou hast been


    Yes , it is also my belief in this present age that Christianity

    is both logical and necessary and without it, the world would

    be in chaos. Off course this belief is not for all the world but

    for the few that have the courage and endurance to go through

    the strait gate . Without the Holy Spirit and the hope of our

    calling this is not possible.

    Christianity becomes more and more reasonable as one learns

    the sayings of Jesus and learns to obey them through many

    trials. The stumbling block for many is dying to sin and crucifying

    the fleshly mind which cannot know Theos.Paul describes the race

    that is being run and gives the analogy of lightening the load by

    dumping sin and running towards the mark in order to receive the

    prize which is Christ Jesus our Lord.

    It only becomes logical and necessary to those who are given an

    experience to verify the Way to go. Our eyes must be opened to

    our condition and the necessity of the cross we must carry. The

    fact that each believer is watched because of the Light that grows

    as their Agape increases makes it a real challenge.

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      Amazing. You have...RIGHTLY DIVIDED the word of God showing
      WHERE and for WHOM it will be logically necessary, and
      more importantly....under WHAT conditions....and how
      that happens.

      A LOT of MEAT in this, much to assess.

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  • 4 years ago

    A world without Christianity would be a world without justice, standards, ethics.

    Evil would rule, atrocities go unpunished. That's chaos and evil is left

    unchecked. Sin cannot be left to rule and remain hidden.

    So there's no judgement for injustices whereas Christianity declares

    that no one gets away with anything but will be held entirely accountable.

    Only the Bible delineates, defines, sin - that it's destructive and leads to death.

    Christianity is logically necessary for maintaining forms of cleanliness.

    Without which there would only be a world consisted of the unclean.

    Here's some more food for thought: can you imagine a world without

    food-worthy-of-thought? That's a world without God. Just imagine that.

    None of the big questions of life, death, human suffering, purpose, reason

    for existence, are answered by science.

    So Christianity is LOGICALLY NECESSARY to explain via God s Word

    what is really going on - providing a belief entirely adequate to the

    complexity of human experience.

    Atheism is wrong in that it addresses nothing - just criticizes

    offering no answers.

    Anti-theists cite scientific theory as making Christianity wrong.

    However, these theories answer nothing. They only intensify the


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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    I would disagree, arguably there exists an adequate simulation of reality that requires no God and hence no Christianity. This would show that Christianity is not logically necessary.

    Moving the argument further, elements of sanity can also be discarded as logically unnecessary.

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  • Jim V
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    4 years ago

    It is God that is logically necessary as the uncaused first cause. The basis of existence.

    The reason why there is anything instead of nothing.

    The one entity that exists out of necessity rather than cause

    The explanation of person-hood, information, rationality, intentionality, morals and justice, human worth and rights, and more.

    Christianity simply follows as God's expression of love for us.

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  • 4 years ago

    Do you have to be part of an Organization or Christianity?

    You have to be part of an organization but at the same time if you're not putting your whole heart into it then you cannot expect to be saved. Putting in the fine work helps one to endure, in turn, helping them run a clear path on the road to everlasting life.

    Why do we need to be part of an organization? Because, the Bible says: "my kingdom is no part of this world." (John 18:36) so when we're preaching the good news about Christ, we can bring people into a family of brothers and sisters who work with the same purpose for the body of Christ, Jesus.The body that we show respect for and that we attend to everyday to keep built up because in that day you will have to answer for your error. (Matthew 7:22,23) but by encouraging one another and building one another up you will be giving your care to the body of Jesus Christ. (Matthew 25:35-37)

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