Baby girl name ideas?

I know these names are pretty popular, but I want a classic name that not every kid in school will also have. Semi unique with some sass lol.

What do you think of these names?

Please rate them.

Give some sew suggestions











Alicia Elisia


Keirsten - Kristen






Please some classic and timeless names, any suggestions of semi popular?

What are your top boy names?

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    I love your style :)

    Classy, but not overused.


    Hattie - 7

    Mattie - 6

    Maisie - 7

    Adeline - 6

    Faye - 7

    Tara - 9

    Olivia - 7

    Lennon - 5

    Rowan - 7

    Alessia - 6

    Alicia - 7

    Elisia - 3

    Meredith - 9

    Keirsten - 7

    Kristen - 9

    Hayley - 7

    Eliza - 4

    Elena - 6

    Fallon - 7

    Fiona - 7

    I like Tara best :)

    Based on your names, try…

    - Freya

    - Tessa

    - Cayley

    - Hazel

    - Lydia

    - Ada

    - Macy

    - Alyssa

    - Melissa

    Top boy names: Ashley, Owen, William, Reid, Caleb & Jensen.

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  • 4 years ago

    Hattie 7/10 a little sassy, but super cute nonetheless

    Mattie 4/10 makes me think of a tomboy

    Maisy/Maisie 7/10 old-fashioned but sweet

    Adeline 8/10 old-fashioned but very delicate

    Faye 7/10 unique

    Tara 5/10 not unknown, not common, average

    Olivia 7/10 sweet name

    Lennon 3/10 all I can think of is John Lennon...

    Rowan 5/10 modern name, not overly fond of it

    Alessia 6/10 pretty

    Alicia Elisia 8/10 classy, I prefer "Alicia"

    Meredith 5/10 nothing special, a nice name

    Keirsten - Kristen 7/10 pretty, nice names

    Hayley 7/10 common but not too much, pretty name

    Eliza 8/10 always liked this name, trendy version of Elizabeth

    Elena 7/10 depends on how you say it, but a nice name

    Fallon 8/10 haven't heard this name a lot, but I actually really like it

    Fiona 6/10 I think it's beautiful, but I can't help thinking of Shrek

    Other options: Eloise, Christina/Cristina, Marinda, Katarine/Katarina, Lucy, Quinn

    My top boy names: Peter, Elliott, Abel, Jesse, Finnigan, Seth

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  • 4 years ago

    A few of your name choices are on my list too :)

    Hattie - 6/10 its sassy but not super sassy - unique but maybe a bit aged?

    Mattie - 2/10 its very tom boyish

    Maisy - 5/10 very cute but quite common here

    Adeline - 5/10 once again cute but common

    Faye - 3/10 its quite aged

    Tara - 0/10 just not something I like

    Olivia - 5/10 i like it but once again common

    Lennon - 9/10 love love loveeeeeee this name haha, so cute - its on my list

    Rowan - 9/10 i love this name too - but prefer the spelling Rowen

    The rest of your names i dont really like aside from Fallon which is super cute 8/10

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  • Holly
    Lv 4
    4 years ago





    The only ones I can stand!

    Elena is the prettiest.

    For boys, Alexander, Quentin, Caleb, Ryan, Dylan.

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  • layla
    Lv 7
    4 years ago

    I love Adeline, Meredith, Hayley, and Elena.

    You might like Callie, Daisy, Margo(t), Adelyn, Sage, Cara, Eloise, Kirsten, or Elisa.

    For boys, I like William.

    • Tomalochk
      Lv 6
      4 years agoReport

      So very helpful

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  • 4 years ago

    Gypsy, Rose, Stone

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