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Name 7 siblings using these names?

- - Names are randomly generated, but still, no spelling changes!

- - Add ages, nicknames, personalities, etc. for BA

1 - girl

FN: Janene, Min, Timika, Bea, Leola

MN: Odette, Lacresha, Magali, Noriko, Bailey

2 - boy

FN: Marty, Barney, Burton, Rosendo, Dion

MN: Ike, Tyree, Howard, Enoch, Numbers

3 - boy

FN: Demarcus, Ali, Ted, Jamison, Renaldo

MN: Aldo, Keenan, Elroy, Perry, Rodrigo

4 - boy

FN: Roscoe, Alton, Rolando, Danial, Hugo

MN: Fernando, Alvin, Reuben, Clayton, Keneth

5 - girl

FN: Elfreda, Marica, Joslyn, Karlene, Bailey

MN: Michaele, Claribel, Concepcion, Christal, Sharee

6 - boy

FN: Devin, Kip, Amos, Andy, Darryl

MN: Evan, Jacinto, Leroy, Omar, Alonso

7 - girl

FN: Karry, Tayna, Sherryl, Noriko, Regena

MN: Lekisha, Stephanie, Bobette, Kandace, Vonda

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    Leola Odette (nick name: Lee) -19 years old -first born, Aquarius. Very clever, studies Classical Music ad Philosophy at University, Plays Violin, Piano and Cello. Long black hair and green eyes. Tall and Slim. Introvert, but has a nice group of friends who adore her. Dresses very simply but stands out because of her figure ad height. Very approachable and a gentle speaker. Dating a 21 year old name Isaac james Donovan who she met at Uni.

    Marty Ike - 17 years old- second born, Taurus. Loud, and very cheeky, often gets into trouble, but never doing anything really bad and can often talk his way out of any situation. Brown floppy hair and green eyes like Leola. Stocky in size, but tall like his older sister. Loves Bikes and is pretty active. Large group of friends and wants to study engineering at college.

    Demarcus (nick name: D) Elroy -14 years old- third born, Cancer. Quiet with a good sense of humour. Quite feminine with his appearance and manner. Brown hair Like his older brother and dark eyes which take after his father. Slimmer than the rest of his family, and fairly tall. Into Art and music. He wants to be an Illustrator when older. Vegetarian since small.

    Roscoe Reuben -12 years old- fourth born- Gemini. Cheeky and very loud, but likable all the same. Small and stocky but he uses this to his advantage as he enjoys rugby plays for a junior team. Very fast runner. Brown floppy hair like his brother Marty, but dark eyes like Demarcus and his dad. Enjoys computer games and gadgets. Often seen taking things apart much to his family's annoyance.

    Marica Claribel (nick name: Marci) - 9 years old- second daughter and fifth born, Aquarius. Takes after her older sister, and is very clever. She is louder than Leola and enjoys having the limelight on her, but also enjoys her own company and is a loyal friend, even at her young age. Green eyes like her sister, but her hair is much lighter, and slightly wavy at the ends. She enjoys reading and is in her schools literary club.

    Amos Alonso - 5 years old -fourth son and twin to Noriko- Gemini. Dark hair, very curly and green eyes. Very fast and strong for his age quite boisterous. Gets in trouble for being heavy handed. A little behind at school with his reading, but teachers think he will excel in athletics. Looks up to Marty and idolises him.

    Noriko Stephanie (nick name: kiko) -5 years- last born and twin sister to Amos- Gemini. Identical to Amos, with dark curly hair. Has more freckles than Amos and is already taller. Loves being centre of attention and hates being the youngest. Often seen singing and stealing Leola's make up when she isn't in. Loves playing dress up and wants to act when she is older.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Bea Bailey

    Dion Tyree

    Jamison Keenan

    Danial Clayton

    Joslyn Claribel

    Devin Evan

    Tayna Kandace

  • 4 years ago

    Bea Odette

    Dion Enoch

    Demarcus Rodrigo

    Danial Clayton

    Joslyn Claribel

    Devin Alonso

    Tanya Kandace

  • EmCee
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    4 years ago

    Bea Odette

    Rosendo Enoch

    Jamison Perry

    Alton Reuben

    Karlene Claribel

    Kip Alonso

    Norkio Vonda

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  • Paula
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    4 years ago

    Bea Magali

    Barney Numbers

    Ted Aldo

    Hugo Reuben

    Bailey Claribel

    Kip Evan

    Karry Stephanie

  • 4 years ago

    Bea Bailey (15)

    Marty Ike (14)

    Jamison Keenan (11)

    Hugo Clayton (10)

    Marica Michaele (8)

    Darryl Evan (5)

    Regena Kandace (5)

  • Bea Odette (20)

    Marty Howard (17)

    Jamison Keenan (15)

    Roscoe Clayton (11)

    Karlene Michaele (9)

    Andy Evan (6)

    Tayna Stephanie (2)

  • mobina
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    4 years ago

    Janene Bailey"Jane" 16

    Marty Howard 13

    Jamison Rodrigo"Jamie" 13

    Hugo Alvin 8

    Marica Sharee"Mary"7

    Devin Alonso 3

    Tayna Stephanie1

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Min Odette

    Dion Ike

    Ali Keenan

    Hugo Reuben

    Bailey Claribel

    Andy Evan

    Karry Stephanie

    Some of these... 'names' are criminal! Haha

  • Hannah
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    4 years ago

    Janene Bailey "Janie"

    Dion Howard

    Ted Keenan

    Alton Reuben

    Joslyn Claribel "Joy"

    Devin Omar

    Regena Stephanie "Reggie"

  • G1 - Janene Bailey

    B1 - Barney Howard

    B2 - Ted Keenan

    B3 - Hugo Reuben

    G2 - Joslyn Christal

    B4 - Darryl Leroy

    G3 - Regena Kandace

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