Can Americans spell in these two candidates are equivalent?

What is in the Donald's past besides promises to Chris Christie in return for a $23M tax reduction in N.J. Courts, plans to bankrupt Trump Casinos, Trump Airlines, USFL, Trump Steaks, Trump Wines, Trump Modeling Agency, Trump Magazines, Trump Condo in Vancouver and Trump Hotel/Condos in Toronto, and Mexican Resorts, plans to off-shore taxable income to the 33 Shell Companies as reported in the Panama Papers, transferring Charitable Donations to himself as Admin fees and with items bought at Charitable Auctions in Florida, his plan to stiff 143 contractors, suppliers, state and local tax authorities for no reason other than personal sociopathic greed? That and more. He's broken many, many laws over the years; running an education facility without a license, racial housing discrimination, sexual misbehavior, breach of contract, violation of casino operating rules, he was fined $200,000 for arranging to racially segregate his casino, failure to disclose purchase of stock, antitrust violations, hiding battery, lying to police, refusal to pay hundreds of workers, false advertisement, paying himself through his campaign money, making undocumented models work, hiring undocumented polish workers, martial rape (accusation, not confirmed), and urging an outside source to hack into another political candidates email (possible treason) and later this month a pedophile rape charge by a 13 year old girl.



.OH! and Hillary had an E-mail Server in her basement, and nobody got hurt.

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  • 4 years ago
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    I can spell equivalency............

    e-q-u-i-v-------------- uh , my mike is broken

  • 4 years ago

    The Candidates are not equivalent, but certainly not in the manner you describe. But of course when could one ever count on a Lefty to practice any sort of objectivity or intellectual honesty in matters, no matter, how small.

    Objectivity is somehow a four letter word to a Lefty, the "fix' Has to be built in, as if they are scared to death that others might actually come to their own conclusion with critical analysis, and have all the facts and metrics to do so.

  • helene
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    4 years ago

    There's no equivalency. Trump is by far the better candidate.

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