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How can I transfer my OS to an SSD?

I want to Put an SSD in my pc but I want to clone everything to the SSD, Thers almost bogging since it a new computer, I bought a Samsung SSD. It came with a cd to clone everythig but I want to know if I can get my OS on my SSD through that cd plz help ASAP

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    Samsung SSD's come with cloning software. You will need to either install your ssd inside the computer and connect it or attach it with a USB adapter. The cloning software will walk you through the process. It typically asks what is the source drive (your old hard drive) and the destination (your SSD) I think there is an option to make it Bootable. Select that. If not then just proceed. The computer will restart and clone the drive. Unplug the old HD and Install the SSD if you havent already and power on the puter. Its not that hard

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    If it's a samsung ssd it comes with cloning software. If not go to best buy and spend $20 on an apricorn ssd cloning kit. It is the easiest thing to use you plug in the ssd via usb and follow the steps. It leaves everything exactly where you had it on the new ssd.

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    Yep. That is the definition of "cloning" in the computer world. There is no risk involved. The process will create a bootable SSD. You will have to change setup to move the SSD to the top of the boot order after you have finished the cloning.

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    Read the specifics about what the CD you have does. Does it clone? if not, find some software that does. There are a ton out there. I know Seagate hard drives come with Acronis.

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    Have you used the clone tools provided? Why not??

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