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My mom forces me to take dance?

I have took dance since when i was 3 i never liked it my mom always would yell at me if i said i did not wanna take dance and i am know 13 and my dance teacher is my moms good friend the dance teacher treats me like s*ht and she is nice to everyone else i cry every night i tell my mom i don't wanna take dance she yells at me for saying that i am in tap compition and i HATE it my dance teacher yells at me for every little thing and yet she is nice to the other students. My whole family thinks i LOVE dance i never talk to anyone i always alone and i suck at tap dancing everyone is better then me i can't tell my dad because he does not do anything about it i cry every day and i wanna take my highschool cheer team i told my mom she said that she likes me dancing i just wanna quit!!! Its my own life can she ever let me have my own life

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    If she is paying for it, just deal with it until you are 18. Then you can quit. Use it as a self-discipline exercise to prove to yourself how strong you can be in the face of hardship.

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    When class starts, I would sit down and stay there. If you refuse to dance, your mom is throwing away her money. Of course, this comes with even more of the abuse you have been experiencing, but if you stick to your guns, your mom might eventually come to realize that she can't live her own failed dreams through you. This won't make her treat you any better. In fact, probably worse. Depends on how badly you want out of dance class. It seems to me that your mother told her friend to ride you into excellence, and she interprets this the way you see. You have my sympathy and wishes for you finding your own path without this.

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    Your mum (no offense) is a terrible mother for a dancer. The main point in dance is to ENJOY dancing! Especially tap, which is said to be 'fun'. Why does your mother force you to take dancing, and to waste her money in doing so? Ok, she seems pretty unreasonable, but talk to her about it, ask her why in the world she wants you to dance. And you also have such a terrible dance teacher. OK, a dance teacher is sometimes supposed to be strict, but she cannot be bias. And why would your family think you love dancing? You must talk to someone, that's the thing. A relative? Teacher? Friend? School counsellor? Go ahead and join your high school cheer team, who cares what your mother says about that? If talking and acting reasonable does not work for you, you will have to act hard. You are 13 (like me). Just lock yourself in your room before dance class, and don't relent in any way. Even if your mother managed to drag you to dance class, just don't dance there, stick yourself to one side. Even if your mother threatens to hit you and all that, don't relent, in order for it to happen.

    I know how forceful mothers can be and the fact they won't let you choose what you want to do in life. Try talking to someone first, if it doesn't work, stubbornness is your ally.

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    Just tell her you don't want to take dance anymore. If she yells, let her yell, and then repeat you don't want to take dance anymore. Talk to your counselor at school to get some support. Your mother cannot and should not be forcing you to take dance.

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    break your tap shoes or loose the screws in them and when you go to dance you cant because your shoes are broken, then when you get home scream and cry to your mother about how she is ruining your highschool life and that you want to do cheer im not sure if this helps you but goodluck

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