Are these guys bullying me?

I m currently in highschool and I sometimes run into these guys in my grade who act kinda friendly to me, but it never seems like a friendly thing. One time, a guy called out from the hall while I was in a class: "hey (my name), you look beautiful today!" Another time a guy said "hi (my name) I love you!" What even is this?? Some kind of weird way of bullying me?? I m most certain they don t mean it. I m not that pretty, I m fat, I don t have a lot of friends, and it s either pity or bullying. But what??

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  • 4 years ago
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    are you a boy or girl, when i moved to north Carolina, the amount of gay men that hit on me(male) was crazy, and i was in middle school then, if they are bullying you, obviously they are just trying to confuse you, just ignore them

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