Was this a justified reason to be fired from a job?

I had recently started working in a grocery store and 2 weeks into my work I got very sick. Despite feeling uneasy I went to work anyways to set a good impression, but left early because I got nauseous and threw up. I called in sick on my following shift, which was 2 days after my previous shift. I later returned to work and I was told I had been fired for not showing up to work on sunday, which was a part of my new schedule. I did not know I had work on that shift and was not informed that schedules can often change. I was not even told where to look to to see what my schedule was! I told my manager I did not understand this aspect to work and would have called in sick but she did not care and fired me anyways.

I would like to know if it is ordinary to be fired from work after a situation like this one, or even after a situation where there had been a no show for 1 day

Ps I am young and this is my second job so I dont have much experience in these things, thanks!

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    It is certainly not uncommon for companies to have a zero tolerance policy regarding attendance for new employees. A lot of places that would be your first 90 days that you are not allowed to miss a shift or call off. In addition, in this situation, it is YOUR responsibility to know how to get your work schedule, what day it is posted, where it is posted, etc. To say that you didn't know that you were supposed to work is not an acceptable excuse, and obviously your employer did not feel that it was an acceptable excuse either. There really isn't much you can do about this particular job but learn from the experience and apply it to your next job.

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  • It's your responsibility to check the schedule, no one should have to tell you to do that. Check it every time you go in if you have to, or call them when you're not there to check when you're supposed to be there next. Schedules can change in retail. Once they're done they're not always going to stay that way.

    They're not going to waste their time and call every one that had a schedule change.

    Usually you would get fired after a second or third no show, but since you were calling in sick I think she took that into consideration and decided to fire you. To her it looks like you're not reliable if you're constantly calling in sick or not showing up, even if it was for one day.

    If you're sick then try to take some thing to make you feel better so you can get through your work day.

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  • 3 years ago

    even if this wasn't justified,what can you actually do? sue them? do you have the money and time for all that?

    It could be that they changed the schedule knowingly without telling you so they can fire you. Just let it go and find another job. Supervisors can be as*holes but you're just gonna have to deal with them. Its life. People are gonna be mean to you. But just let it go and move on. Get a new job.

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