How do I remove my Facebook Photo? Please tell me step by step.?

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  • 4 years ago
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    Are you talking about your profile picture?

    1.Log on to facebook

    2.Click your name on the top right which goes to your profile

    3. Take your cursor to your profile picture and click on it

    4. Move the cursor onto the photo and you will see these options appear like "tag" "options "share" etc on the bottom. Click where it says "options" and click delete photo.

    That's if you want to delete your photo, but if you want to change your profile photo

    1. Log onto Facebook

    2. Click name on top right corner

    3. Move your cursor to your profile photo and when you do that you'll see "update profile photo" click on that and a popup will show of all your files and you can look through them to find a photo you have to upload and just click on it.

    If you're on a mobile app like an iPhone or something Facebook application

    2.Click your photo which is next to where it says "what's on your mind"

    3. Click your profile and options will come up as "take a new photo" "selectt profile video" "select profile picture" and "view profile picture"

    4. Click select "profile photo" if you want to change it and select a photo you want through your camera roll and click upload or done

    If you want to delete it through an iPhone app when those options pop up click view profile photo and you will see I think 3 dots on the top click that I click delete if there is an option to do so

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  • 4 years ago

    step 1: open google

    step 2: type your question into google

    step 3: read

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