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What is my high school stereotype?

Okay so I know: don't judge a book by its cover but which category do I fit into? Nerd, popular, emo, goth, Scene, Punk, hipster, jock, etc.

I usually identify myself as a nerd scene but idk...

•My taste in music is Panic! At The Disco, twenty one pilots, Fall Out Boy, Green Day, AC/DC, My Chemical Romance, stuff like that

•My wardrobe comprises of Adventure Time T-shirts, band tees, black, track pants, skinny jeans, baggy pants

•I DO NOT wear makeup or dye my hair

•I DO NOT hate my life, want to commit suicide or cut myself

•I hate most sports

•I hate popular kids

•I like to read and draw

•I watch Adventure Time, Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, superhero shows

•I read novels and comic books

•I love to read, write and draw

•I like Star Wars, Harry Potter, sci-fi

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    I understand the curiosity of discovering what label you'd fit in with, although that's not always a bad thing -- sometimes for some ppl it's good to know what label one might be close to so they can easily find others with similar interests -- it's natural human thinking to feel the need to "belong". but everyone's dif, some like labels some don't. they're more as a guide than something to follow from detail to detail (as everyone is actually different in one way or another; no one is exactly the same).

    anyway, according to your description... music-wise, you like some alternative rock to pop punk bands, you like wearing/watching popular or fandom stuff, + are artistic. (additionally, idk why in the world you even mention that you don't self-harm nor are suicidal -- that has nothing to do with labels).

    overall, I'd say you best fit some combo of geek + scene kid (not totally scene, since scene is more of a fashion style, but just cuz of your music taste -- maybe you'd be more simply "alternative" than scene then).

    "nerd" would be the wrong term to use for you (unless you are highly academic + love subjects like math, science, etc.), but nerd doesn't have to do with fandoms/popular series. a geek is someone who has obsessions (usually with fandoms) + know a lot about them.

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    Honestly, and I'm not trying too be rude here, you're one of those people who are all against people mindlessly following popular trends and opinions when you yourself do. You try so hard to be different by buying the same mass produced band t-shirts and watching the same 'super cool' cartoons as every single other 'unique' teenager out there. By the way you said you hate 'popular kids' I can tell that you don't listen to anyone else's opinions and think that you're the smartest person in your school building when in reality your just average just like me. Like I said, I'm not trying to be rude. As for a categorie I'm going to go with hipster/scene, but I do want to say that it is kind of ridiculous that we're still labeling people, we should really stop putting each other in boxes, but you did ask for it.

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