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What would you name these 4 sisters?

4 teenage sisters growing up in America during the late 1800's.. what would you name them?

Sister 1: (18) - 5'4, sandy brown hair, green eyes

Sister 2: (17) - 5'2, dark brown hair & eyes

Sister 3: (16) - 5'2, black hair & brown eyes

Sister 4: (14) - 5'5, blonde hair & green eyes

BQ: add middle names, a last name, nicknames, personality descriptions, etc.

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    1) Miss Elspeth Agatha Wallace "Elsie"

    2) Miss Annabelle Esme Wallace "Annie"

    3) Miss Virginia Catherine Wallace "Vivi"

    4) Miss Jane Madeline Ada Wallace "Jai"

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    Sister 1: (18) - Katherine Eloise

    Sister 2: (17) - Hazel Rose

    Sister 3: (16) - Gretchen Elaine

    Sister 4: (14) - Lillian Jeanne

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    Charlotte Alice

    Catherine Rose

    Elizabeth Margaret

    Beatrice Ann

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    Alma Louise

    Willa Mae

    Ethel Viola

    Mabel Clare

    Their boyfriends:

    Albert Charles

    Calvin Sylvester

    Walter Bernard

    Harold Wesley

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    Sister One: Amelia Grace Fordyce

    Nickname: Amy or Aimes (pronounced like aims). Amelia is a very caring older sister, she looks out for anyone she feels close to. It's easy for her to become emotionally attached to people, but she always has everyone's best interest at heart. When one of her loved ones is upset, she's upset. She loves nature, animals, and spending time with her family. She's kind hearted, warm, and a protector.

    2. Juliet Rose Fordyce

    Nickname: Ju, J, or Juju (by her youngest sister). Juliet worries quite often, likes to have everything organized perfectly, and becomes anxious when plans change. She loves her sisters, parents, and is certainly not a rebel. She is smart and a perfectionist.

    3. Eleanor Adelaide Fordyce

    Nicknames: Elle, Ellie, or Norri. Eleanor is a free-spirited, incredibly intelligent dreamer! She spends a lot of her time creating new things, is very crafty, and talented. She's rather introverted and likes to be alone, but loves her family.

    4. Constance Eva Fordyce

    Nicknames: C, Connie, and Con. Constance is the youngest and has the tendency to be a bit selfish and shallow. All of her sisters are pretty, but she considers herself to be the most fair. She stands out because of her bright blonde hair. She enjoys admiring the opposite sex and sewing dresses.

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  • Ashley
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    4 years ago

    Josephine Anna

    Victoria Rose

    Mary Elizabeth

    Mabel Alice

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    4 years ago

    1. Emma Elizabeth

    2. Nellie Josephine

    3. Stella Katheryn

    4. Lily Claire

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    Etta Noelle Halloway- She's a beautiful singer that captivates men with a single glance, but she's still modest. She always puts her sisters first. She has been responsible since birth.

    Hattie Belle Halloway- She's wild and hard to handle but the most fun person to be around you've ever met so it's all worth it. Though she is unapologetically selfish at her core she cares about nothing more than her family.

    Savvy Adele Halloway- She's curious, a reader. The smartest of her sisters but the quietest so she usually lets them take the lead. She's very sweet and innocent.

    Zazie Estelle Halloway- Zazie takes a lot after her sister Hattie in personality, but the looks stop-you-in-your-tracks good looks of of Etta. She is also more compassionate and considerate of others than Hattie is. Still, she is the life of the party and the baby of the family so she always gets what she wants. Sometimes she'll go by the nickname "Z.z"

    Etta, Hattie, Savvy & Zazie

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  • 4 years ago

    sister 1: Sandy

    sister 2: Brownie

    sister 3: Blacky

    sister 4: hiterina

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