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Is it weird that I'm 14 and have this type of a clothing taste?

I am 14 and I definetly have an immature taste in clothing for my age. I still shop in the kids sections of stores, and that is what appeals to me. I know this is bizzare, but even Justice appeals to me! Everyone else my age would hate justice. The thing is, they make clothes in my size, and even bigger.(I am a bit on the small side, but not too small) So if the clothes aren't meant for me, why would they make them in my size? I have been in Forever 21and H&M and Hollister before, but NOTHING appealed for me. Especially Forever 21, I just looked at it and thought "too mature". The thing is, my clothing taste will probably mature and eventually I probably will grow out of liking things like Justice. But is it weird for me to have this taste? Also, would you make fun of a 14 year old for having an immature taste in clothing?

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    Tbh i am 14 too right now and I use to looove justice favorite store when I was 12 & 13, it's totally normal to still have a fun taste in clothes. Because after all clothes do express who you are! Just have fun with it and don't care what other people think. (Just don't over do it with the sparkles and your good:))

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    No it's just the type of clothing that you prefer to wear and you comfortable with the clothing

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