What are the best games for PS3 for kids between 9 (boy) and 12 (girl)? Games that are challenging, provide multiple levels, etc.?

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  • 4 years ago

    You can't go wrong with the LEGO games.

    Many of them are based on movies or characters your kids already know such as Star Wars, Marvel's Avengers, Harry Potter, etc. The LEGO are basically the same. There are story levels that contain puzzles you need to solve by switching between the two characters, as well as collectible items that you'll need to come back and get later when you've unlocked other characters. Then there's an hub/openworld area to explore, again with lots of little puzzles and secrets to uncover. You can play alone or together. Dying or falling off a cliff just takes some studs (money) away but otherwise doesn't punish you.

    You might want to check out one of the Little Big Planet games as well. These are platformer games, like Mario however the big attraction is you can build your own levels and even your own games. The tools are introduced slowly as you complete the levels in the game.

    Minecraft. You've probably heard of this. 3D game that lets you build anything you want. Chop down trees to get wood so you can build a cabin. Break up rocks to get stone and build a castle. There is a story, where you go defeat a dragon but you can ignore that if you want. This can be played together although if your kids don't get along too well, there might be arguments when one paints a funny face on the other's castle...

    Otherwise, what sorts of things do your kids enjoy? Sports? Racing? Etc?

    I have 2 nieces who are about the same ages as your kids. My brother wants to find age-appropriate games that they can play together, which makes it harder as there aren't many games that offer local multiplayer.

    If single player games are OK, and you're willing to enforce shared game time between the kids, you may want to consider these titles:

    Ratchet & Clank - a game based on the movie, based on the game. Platformer with puzzles, big comical weapons, and silly characters. Maybe check out the movie first, since that's what the game will be like.

    Kingdom Hearts - An RPG series that combines Disney with Final Fantasy. Your daughter is about the right age to play this. It might be a bit too hard for your son though. Kingdom Hearts 1 is available as part of Kingdom Hearts 1.5 collection. It contains some other games but Kingdom Hearts 1 is where she should start, and easily the best of the games. Its direct sequel, Kingdom Hearts 2, is part of the 2.5 collection. These are action RPGs. You run around attacking enemies, and gain new levels, spells, and abilities. You will travel between different worlds based on Disney movies.

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