what dances should I focus on?

next year I'm going to a high school that's known for acedemics and oh so much homework, homework, homework. I'm going to need time to practice basketball and I also do dance. I currently do- tap, jazz, ballet, hip hop, lyrical, and contemporary + a jazz exam.

I need to drop at least 2 for next year. I want to continue hip hop, tap, jazz, and ballet. do you think I could do it? WHAT dances should I focus on? (should I do exams? I was considering skipping next year until I have a better grasp on high school so then in grade 10 I can continue with an exam)

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  • 4 years ago
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    Why not cut back in dance and just keep the ones that build and keep your technique strong. That would be ballet of course and perhaps even add another ballet class if you only take one or two a week. Tap and hip hop have their own thing so you could keep those too if you really wanted to. But lyrical and contemporary won't help your dance technique. You can also pick up jazz later with no loss due to maintaining you ballet training. The same is true with the other genre except for tap.

    Best advice take two or three ballet classes per week and a tap class. That way you stay strong, will have time for other work without losing technique in dance.

    If you really miss it and if you have the time add either hip hop or jazz (no exams) but only if it won't affect your school work.

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