8 facts you didn't know about Canadians!?

As you probably know, Canada has two official languages: English and French. But you don't know how Canadians are proud of and obsessed with their bilingualism. It's not like in Belgium, where some speak French and others Dutch, not caring much about each other's language. In Canada, everyone speaks both all the time and are proud of both languages at everything.

Here are some facts about this bilingualism frenzy in Canada. (This list refers to English Canada. In Quebec it's all reversed, where French comes first.)

1. Canadians read the same book twice: one time in English and then in French.

2. Canadians answer the phone this way: "Hello bonjour!".

3. Canadian pupils go to school twice a day, in the morning they learn everything in English and in the afternoon they learn all the same thing in French.

4. All TV programs in Canada have subtitles in French and you can't turn them off, by the way, Canadians like to read them.

5. All Canadian YouTubers have at least two channels: one in English and one in French.

6. All discs in Canada (LP, CD, DVD, blu-ray, games) are double-sided: one side is in English and the other is in French.

7. Canadians often switch the language when they're speaking. "I don't think it's going to rain... Oh, no more English, let's speak Français maintenant! Il y a beaucoup d'étoiles..."

8. All Canadian singers release the same song twice: one version in English and the other in French.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago
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    These are straight up LIES. At best Canadians outside of Quebec speak Franglais and even that's a stretch.

  • Mike
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    4 years ago

    You don't have a clue about Canadians

  • 4 years ago

    they live in igloos

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