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Is downloading Free Versions Of Defrag Programs Safe And Useful?

Does a computer have a built-in defrag utility? Defragging is important right? Any recommendations? Are the free versions safe and effective?

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    As your question is most certainly aimed at users of Microsoft Windows, this answer is too.

    Each successive version of Microsoft Windows has gotten better at (not perfect at, but better at) writing data sensibly to the hard disk drive. Yes, there is fragmentation as the user creates, deletes, and creates more data, but at this point, the fragmentation is not so bad.

    Microsoft Windows does come with a disk defragmenting program, and that program remains somewhat useful on hard disk drives. With the advent of so-called solid state drives, fragmentation isn't so much a problem, because every data-bit on the drive can be accessed almost instantaneously. Who knows whether Microsoft Windows will still have a disk defragmentation program once internal hard disk drives have been eradicated (or nearly eradicated)?

    You are free to install free alternative disk defragmenting programs. They do no harm, and may even be more user friendly than the one that comes with Microsoft Windows. I suspect, however, that Windows gurus who continue to use third-party disk defragmentation programs do so out of nostalgia more than necessity. Even so, who am I (or who are you, or who is anyone) to tell them that they should or shouldn't use a third-party disk defragmenting program?

    I further suspect that soon, all internal storage devices will be of the SSD ilk, and that HDDs will be used exclusively for archival purposes via USB connection to the computer. Since archival backups tend to consist of large amounts of data being laid down on the disk(s) all at once, fragmentation will be a tiny problem that really doesn't necessitate the defragmenting of those HDDs. But, I'm fairly certain that, as long as there are people who want to use them, third-party HDD defragging software will be available ... and useful.

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    As for 'safety', well, as long as you use one with a long history of not being or containing malware, you're as safe using a 'mainstream' third-party defragger as you are using the Microsoft Windows built-in defragger. If you trust the Microsoft Corporation to run your computer with Windows, then you can likewise trust any of the disk defraggers featured in the article at the following URL:


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    I no longer use Microsoft Windows at all. I don't even play with Microsoft Windows in a virtual machine (though I used to do so), because the OS that I use provides me with so much flexibility and functionality that I couldn't be bothered to use MSWin.

    But, if I still used MSWin, I would certainly use Defraggler or Auslogics Disk Defrag.

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