Will this girl like my love note?

I have a crush on this girl that already knows me from grade 10 and now I'm in grade 11. How will this girl feel shoe finds a note in her locker that says "You are the most beautiful girl I've ever met?" I don't want to give her my identity. Even though she knows who I am. She just hasn't said hi to me since the beginning of grade 10. I'm to shy to say hi to her because in grade 10, she would say hi, not me.


Or should I write my name in the note because she already knows me from last year. Or I should wait until the end of grade 11, on the last day and put my name in the note. So than the next time she sees me, we'll be in grade 12.

Update 2:

just hasn't said hi to me since the beginning of grade 11 I ment.

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  • Jake S
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    4 years ago
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    Forget the note and go tell her yourself, no more being shy and just go for it.

    If you go with the note what happens afterwards? Exactly nothing because like you said she won’t know who it’s from and you feel too shy to say something about it, stop being shy or how else are you going to be around her.

    So be brave talk to her and tell her.

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