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FRENCH HELP! How to say " they're safe...or or they?" in french? No google translate pls :)?


*or are they?

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    1) Ils sont en sécurité. Sont-ils en sécurité?

    .....They are safe. Are they safe?

    2) Ils sont en sécurité...mais le sont-ils vraiment?

    ....They are safe. ..but are they really?

    1 is a statement followed by a question. 2 is a statement followed by question, suggesting that the statement may not really be true.

    I chose to use "but are they really?" over "or are they?" because it sounds (to me) more doubtful, but there are other options, too.

    PS, as you probably know, "ils" would be "elles" if "they" refers to all females.

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    _ In English: They are safe, or: They're safe. From me and with my little English, both are good.

    If you want ask the question for to know if they are safe, so you need to say: '' Are they safe? '' = in French:

    '' Sont-ils en sécurité ? '' ( masculine). '' Sont-elles en sécurité ? '' ( feminine).

    In French we say:

    _ '' Ils sont en sécurité '' ( masculine)

    _ '' Elles sont en sécurité '' ( feminine).

    _ For the question: '' Sont-ils en sécurité ? ''( masculine). '' Sont-elles en sécurité ? '' ( feminine).

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      English speakers tend to want to over use inversion in French. Intonation is far more common in conversation.

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