Lost my phone?

Hi there my mom recently lost her phone which had no password on it, and I tried to track it using the tracker gmail has but unfortunately it has been off ever since my mom lost it... i tried locking it from my computer but i couldnt, since the phone was off...

My question is if once the phone is back online, will it recieve my request to automatically lock on its own? and also, I signed out of the gmail account on the phone so would that have any impact? thanks

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  • 4 years ago
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    If whoever found it is smart, they will turn it on in an area with no internet/reception and wipe it, or they'll wipe it without fully turning it on. Either way your stuff is safe by being gone. If they do turn it on as-is, you will have the chance to lock it (probably already locked since it will start in a locked state) but you'll also have a chance to remote wipe it with your gmail.

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