Will using a case fan hub break my motherboard?

So I just built my first pc and I got the ASUS H110M-A M.2 and I realized my case has 3 fans and there's only 1 CPU fan connector and one 4 pin fan header. I searched online and found the deepcool case fan hub it's a four 3 pin to 4pin connector and I'm worried if I plug in multiple fans into one header it would break the motherboard. I heard there's another way by using or connecting to the power supply directly. Is it safe to use 2 fans on the fan hub? Or is there another way?

Mobo: ASUS H110M-A M.2

Case: Thermaltake Versa H22

PSU: EVGA 430W 80+ certiifed

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  • Joe
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    4 years ago
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    CPU fan only, to the CPU fan connector.

    One fan, and one fan only, to the motherboard connector. (You don't want to mess up any self-test speed detection.) Make it the fan best positioned to move air past your RAM, or your motherboard chipset (usually right around the CPU).

    Get a fan controller (hub) that's intended to take power directly from your power supply (an extra drive connector). I like the ones with front panel temperature readouts and speed controls. But that's just me.

    Please post a link to the hub product you are considering. I'll check back.

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