Getting a HGV job with a DR 10?

Hi all I need an answer regarding this question.

Basically I got banned for drink driving in 2011 in which I was extremely sorry for. I have now done my 5 year probationary period and my insurance has come right down.

But the DR 10 stays on your licence for 11 years which will be 2022 so would I be able to apply for a HGV job then once I done my licence of course and it has been removed.

There's no definite answer on this around the net so anyone who knows would be gratefully appreciated.

Also as mentioned above I was sorry and learnt a valuable lesson from the mistakes I made when I was younger.

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  • 4 years ago

    Whilst the DR10 is still on there to even take a lorry test you would have to go before the local traffic commissioner and convince them that you are safe - its unlikely.

    You will need to have the DR10 off the licence completely before you make your application to have provisional truck and bus added to the car licence.

    If you do get a pass then you can apply for jobs, and often that will be temporary agency work for a start off, and do not have to declare the DR10

    The DR10 is considered spent under the Rehabilitation of offenders act once it is 10 years old meaning you do not have to disclose it to anyone and can commit no offence by not doing so.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    basically, you will get a better basic answer if you basically tell us which (basic) country you basically live in.

    "basically" The present meaningless buzzword .

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Do you have a C category on your licence now or will you need to take lessons and pass your test to get one? As getting fully qualified and ready for the road with a cat C can cost you up to £5,000 these days I would say keep your money in your pocket and look for another career.

    Your biggest stumbling block would be the insurance companies, they don't like new drivers with less than 2 years experience and a DR10 is an absolute no no. After ten years it should be clear from your record and provided you haven't any other offences on your licence it SHOULDN'T be an issue but that's not to say it won't be.

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