What to wear with a dress code like this?

You aren't allowed to wear jeans or anything that resembles it looks like denim. They say it's too casual so I have a feeling that most outfits I wear currently won't be allowed. what can I wear besides skirts and stuff? I normally wear jeans or sometimes leggings and a sweater

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  • 4 years ago
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    It's called business casual. Basic pieces are your friend- a grey or navy flannel shift, tights, turtleneck and flats can be quite comfortable and businesslike. Or solid trousers and a cashmere sweater. or flannel skirt, tights, and a sweater. Look in the Boden catalog for examples- they do have sales, and they are also resold a lot on eBay. If you can find Brooks Brother's things, they are also correct, and good quality, and often resold for a lot less on eBay. You're far better off getting high quality things second hand if you're on a budget- the stuff they sell in the discount stores is cheap, and the more recent the stock, the lower the fabric quality. Some classic pieces like an good pencil skirt or a-line skirt and shift dress (also called a jumper in the US) will last you forever.

    When you look for a slip to go under the skirts and dresses, make sure it's treated with anti-static stuff, or you're going to be in trouble!

    When you go looking for things, think about having a system so you build your wardrobe. Keep to plain neutral colors for the dress and pants, then add color or prints with the sweater or shirt. You will get a lot more mileage out of plain colored foundation pieces, and then you can add prints or color. That means don't bother buying kelly green trousers or a red shift dress. You'll end up buying twice as much stuff to get them to coordinate. never forget whether you are buying for your own time or business- Business clothes are a uniform of sorts, part of the job. You can buy whatever you want for the off hours.

    If you're wearing trousers, get some good leather shoes and trouser socks. the details show at work.

    Anything here would work:




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    Dress pants and a nice sweater or even top. Refrain from casual tee shirts though.

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    4 years ago

    Khakis and a polo or something

  • 4 years ago

    See about solid-color slacks made of a flat woven material. They're widely available, in stores like JCPenney or Walmart. You might want to upgrade your footwear, too, from athletic shoes to standard leather shoes.

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