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Did you read the News Story about Samra Zafar - the Muslim battered wife?

It was all over the News today.

Wonder if the talaq she got was good for her.

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    The husband was disgusting and should have been sent to jail.

    Hat's off to her!

    Pity is that not all the battered Muslim wives get to be like her and most just suffer all their lives in silence.

    Wonder how the talaq thing worked in Canada, though and why the Canadian Police didn't take the husband in for the crimes.

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    Astugfurllah...16 and married?

    That's disgusting, that poor girl couldn't experience her childhood, and got married to an abusive man.

    But she overcame it and become top class in Economics? Wallah Mashallah, keep it up girls and don't let this stuff bring you down! Girls aren't just for popping babies and getting married, No; they're to learn and experience and live life to the fullest. Muslim men tend to have a hard time understanding that sadly, as they think they're the best kinds of people while they beat their women down. They are blinded, well; some are. They forget that it s the 21st century and people are evolving. You cannot batter females down, cause we will rise right back up.

    The Prophet Muhammad sws said: Your Heaven lies under the feet of your mother

    Muslim girls are capable of anything and everything.

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