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is this the correct french translation?


this is what im trying to say

i think she had a gun in her hand but it was dark and it could have been something else.

french translation

Je pense qu'elle avait un pistolet dans sa main, mais il faisait noir et il aurait pu être autre chose.

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  • Tangi
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    4 years ago
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    "dans la main" is better although "dans sa main" is also grammatically correct.

    "ça aurait pu" and not "il aurait pu"

    Because you're talking about "what she had in her hand" (no defined gender) and not about "the gun" (masculine). So use the impersonal "ça".

    You normally can also write "ç'aurait pu" which is a non mandatory contraction of "ça aurait pu".

    Otherwise, it's correct

  • 4 years ago

    I agree with Tangi. You also could say ( additionally what he wrote):

    '' Cela aurait pu être autre chose ''. But it's more formal than ' ça '.


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