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French Grammar Past Tense?


I was wondering what was more correct for the past tense.

Nous _____ (aller) quand elle _____ (arriver)

I used passe compose for both because I thought both actions seems to be at precise moment.

But it seems that different combinations of past tense can work too.

We only learned about passe compose, imparfait and plus-que-imparfait.

Please help. Thank you.


Sorry, the sentence should say:

Nous ______ (aller) sortir quand elle _____ (arriver)

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    ◘ OK for your edit, so it's:

    '' Nous allions sortir, quand elle est arrivée ''.

    _ The imperfect is used for a description, talk about a habit, an action in progress in the past phrase).

    _ You need to use the passé composé, when the action is precise and finished.

    I would say: '' Nous y allions, quand elle est arrivée ''.

    '' Nous y allions '' here, means like: Nous partions = We were leaving.


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