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Help with French?

Can someone please tell me how I could say:

One of them

Ex. One of them was eating a sandwich


There s no way that


There s no way that he could have done that at the same time as...

I know that you can t translate directly, but I would like to know how you would say it.

Thank you!

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    Hi mimi

    We say:

    → '' L'un d'eux mangeait un sandwich '' = One of them was eating a sandwich ( we also use the word ' sandwich ' in France, although it's an English word.

    Or in feminine version:

    → '' L'une d'entre elles mangeait un sandwich ''

    Or if there are girls and boys mixed ( masculine is more important in this case), you keep the 1st phrase:

    → '' L'un d'entre eux mangeait un sandwich ''.

    → '' En aucune manière, il aurait pu faire cela en même temps que .... ''

    = There is no way that he could have done that at the same time as...

    Have a nice day ( or night?)

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      Note that "l'un" is if "one" is masculine and "l'une" is if "one" is feminine. And "d'eux" is if there is at least one masculine element in "them" and "d'elles" if "them" is made of only feminine elements.

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    L'un ou l'une(female) d'eux /d'elles

    L'un d'eux aimait les sardines, l'une d'elles n'aimait pas ces sardines...

    There is no way, we render it as it is out of the question, il est hors de question que...

    Il est hors de question que je mange des sardines.

    You can also say, c'est impensable, c'est impossible..

    C'est impossible qu'il puisse avoir fait ça en même temps que...

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