What does it mean when you have ancestors who lived in North America before the countries were founded as a country?

Got ancestors in Canada that go as far back as early as 1800, what does this mean?


Before the Country was even FOUNDED!

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    Child, there was a "Canada" before Confederation in 1867. Find a history book in Dewey 971 (Library of Congress subject heading Canada -- History -- to 1867) or Google "Canada History" and you'll see that "Canada" was composed of what are now the southern portions of Quebec and Ontario since the British conquest of Quebec.

    There were many people living in British North America before 13 colonies revolted and formed the United States of America. That's why the the Pilgrims and the folks who settled in Virginia are called Colonial Americans in their history books. There were also the settlers of what are called the Maritime Provinces and Newfoundland. And there were the settlers from France, Spain, the Netherlands and the Aboriginals.

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    Everyone has ancestors (if you go back far enough) that existed before any country is was founded. Most also have ancestors from countries that don't exist anymore.

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    It means just what you said.

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    It means your ancestors got here a good long time ago. Why would it mean anything special other than that.

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