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Is there any crimes that don't hurt someone?

not like, assault, rape, sex assault, sexual harassment, stabbing, punching, destroying property, Burglary, theft, robbery, killing, terrorism, fraud, arson, racketeering.

shop lifting; it is hurting the owner, store. But not that big.

Crimes like owning illegal things, buying illegal things,

owning guns, doing casino, gay marriage(in some countries illegal, some countries legal.)

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    I certainly think so.

    For example, are you familiar with "ugly laws"?

    From The Chicago Tribune: "In May of [1881, Alderman James] Peevey pushed an ordinance through the City Council that banned anyone who was "diseased, maimed, mutilated, or in any way deformed, so as to be an unsightly or disgusting object" from being in the "public view." [.... H]is ordinance made the streets of Chicago unfriendly to those who were blind, deaf or disfigured."

    From Rooted in Rights: "[Susan M.] Schweik found that the last known arrest under an ugly law occurred in Omaha, NE in 1974 when a policeman wanted to arrest a homeless man but had no basis for arrest. After searching the city code and finding that Omaha’s Ugly Law was still on the books he was able to take the man into custody on the basis that the man had “marks and scars on his body.”" That said, Rooted in Rights also points out that there was no prosecution in that case.

    Or how about "Jim Crow" laws?

    From Ferris State University: "In 1930, Birmingham, Alabama, made it illegal for blacks and whites to play checkers or dominoes together."

    There are crimes today I don't think hurt anyone, but they tend to be contentious issues, and I don't want to get sidetracked. I think most people today can agree, though, that a blind woman commuting to her job or a black man and a white man playing dominoes in a park are not hurting anyone.

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    Crimes always "hurt someone," even if they seem victimless. There are plenty of non-violent crimes, but they often do indirect harm. Buying illegal drugs that only you use may not seem to do harm, but it keeps drug dealers in business, and that can result in harm to others. Moreover, if you are using illegal drugs, you may be harming people around you in various ways whether you realize it or not. And of course you are likely harming yourself.

    Buying guns illegally harms people who sell them legally and may result in harm to another person, which is one of the reason illegal gun sales ARE illegal.

    Crimes that most civilized societies don't consider crimes (such as gay marriage) don't really count.

    Casinos, by the way can be fronts for illegal businesses and money laundering. If they are not vigilant about keeping, say, minors out, the chances of that are much higher. It can also result in serious harm to minors to be allowed to gamble.

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