Why do people love to hate?

No matter what the subject is, everyone loves to hate on it, wether its athletes, news, politics, religion, new inventions, the earth, for f*** sakes, I bet you could post a link about cheese and someones gonna write a paragraph of smut. Does anyone even realise the real person you should hate is the uploader? They are literally aiming for something to be hated on just so they can collect views, comments and $$$, its such BS. Every popular figure does it with there "social experiments" and every single time youre gonna see the appropriate reaction and someone acting like a d*ck, like what the f*** is everyone expecting??? No wonder the entire world was so interested in the Us presidential election. I wonder how many "reporters" search through old a*s files just so they could find offensive police shootings or animal cruelty. Its not a troll thing either, so MANY people do it, the only positive comments youll find are on pictures of near dying babies or deformed animals uploaded by the same piece of sh*t, grinding and fishing for more money.

Why do so many people love to hate? Its like seagulls fighting over a potato chip.

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  • 3 years ago
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    People like to rant and rave without repercussions sometimes, just because they can.

    Sometimes it's just to debate with someone on a issue.

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