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Matthew asked in Beauty & StyleHair · 4 years ago

Shortest Haircut after Buzzcut? Ivy league?

What is the shortest Haircut after Buzzcut?

Is it a crew cut?

Is it a ivy league?

Is the Ivy league the longest Crew cut?

I dont want to do a classic sidepart, I want to keep a crew cut but with longer hair on top?

Also with an Ivy league can i part the hair on the top to the side, i dont want to keep it spiky up. i want to part it to the side.

Can i style a Ivy league in the morning while hair is damp with a fine comb to the side and let it dry? I dont want to use pomade. Will it look good without pomade?

Thank you

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  • Steve
    Lv 7
    4 years ago
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    I understand this question to ask what is the next longest short haircut after a buzz cut.

    The answer depends on how the term buzz cut is defined. In its broadest context, a buzzcut refers to any haircut that is primarily cut with electric clippers; the name of the haircut comes from the buzzing sound of the clippers. In this context buzzcut refers to a burr(short butch), butch, brush cut(long butch), crew cut, flat top crew cut, ivy league(long crew cut) and forward brush. In "Step by Step" a TV sitcom of the early 1990s, the haircut of Cody, the character played by the actor Sasha Mitchell, a quite long flat top crew cut was referred to as a buzz cut. In the original Disney "The Shaggy Dog" the character played by Tim Considine was nicknamed Buzz presumably due to his flat top which had relatively short fenders, so not exactly the shortest of flats.

    It wasn't till just after the new millenium that the term buzz cut started to be used as a synonym by a not insignificant number of especially younger guys for butch, burr and brush cuts, many of whom had never heard the terms butch, burr, brush cut and did not have the foggiest idea what a crew cut thinking the word was just another word for a butch, burr, brush cut or as they referred to these styles, a buzz cut.

    In any event, if the term buzz cut is being used to refer to a burr, the next longer short haircut is a butch, then the next longer haircut could be a brush cut, crew cut or flat top crew cut depending on the length of each style. In other words it is possible to have a brush cut that is longer than a crew cut or flat top and a flat top or crew cut that is longer than a brush cut. The next longer short haircuts would be the ivy league and forward brush and again, either of these could be longer or shorter relative to each other. A forward brush is essentially an ivy league that is designed to specifically be worn brushed forward. In contrast, an ivy league can be worn parted and brushed to the side, with or without a short pomp front; brushed back off the forehead with a short pomp front like a crew cut; top hair brushed forward with the short bangs down on the forehead like a forward brush or with the short bangs then brushed up off the forehead to form a short pomp front.

    Worth noting that many barbers describe an ivy league as a crew cut that is just long enough to be parted and brushed to the side like a regular haircut, though that often requires the use of control wax. A crew cut and all the other very short styles except an ivy league and forward brush are cut and meant to be brushed to cause the top hair to stand upright.

    The way to style all of the very short haircuts named above is to towel dry till hair is dry which takes very little time, apply a very tiny amount of control wax to the dry hair and brush to the style. Apply the control wax by barely dipping fingertips in jar of wax, transferring wax to palms/fingers and smoothing palms/fingers over and through the hair. Krew comb, a product that has been sold for decades, is inexpensive, works well for very short styles and readily washes out of the hair.

    If you want to style the hair while damp to the side and let it dry and apply no product, should get a regular haircut fairly short on top with a medium, semi-short or short taper on the back/side, but these are best groomed with brylcreem or a similar product applied to dry hair. Whether an ivy or regular with a short top can be styled without product combed damp and left to dry and look good really depends on the type of hair-coarseness, density, waviness, dryness, and how the hair was thinned and layered.

    The answer at the following link explains the standard medium to short styles.

    A photo is the best way to describe a style to a barber or stylist.

    Ivy leagues and crew cuts...



  • 4 years ago

    Steve what Classic Haircut is Considered the most Popular of all time?

    Is it the Classic Sidepart or the Ivy League?

    I read Ivy league haircut were made for men in lowclass/middle class income.

    While Sidepart were made for men in Higher class in society?

    Is this true?

    Im still deciding between a Classic sidepart or an Ivy league haircut, im not sure what too get?

    What do you think?

  • Boyaki
    Lv 7
    4 years ago

    Shortest haircut after a buzzcut is shaving your head bald.

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