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How can I shop for clothes?

To summarize this somewhat shortly. I am a 14 year old girl, tomboy. I've always been picky with shopping, but I don't believe I am as picky as my mom thinks. I have a sister, a year younger who likes any clothing, and because she is so easy to shop with, my parents give up on me. I know I'm picky, but every time my parents take me to the same exact store because a few years ago I liked this sweater there so we got it. Now that it's been almost 3 years, I have almost no clothing. I'm not trying to compare myself to someone who's poor, because we're not. We have money, we can buy clothes. But my parents give up on shopping for me. I asked them to take me to other stores, but there's "no time". I couldn't even get a graduation dress, because my mom took me to a wedding dresses place, where obviously I couldn't find a dress. I spent hours looking online for the perfect dress, and we couldn't get it because it's too far away, also we can't order cause my mom doesn't trust online shopping, plus it was too expensive. For 3 years, I have had the same exact 3 black t-shirts, two pairs of leggings, one of which ripped now and this black shirt. As you can see I like dark clothing, which is the "picky" kind I am. I'm sick of always wearing the same clothes, and seeing how my parents are so angry to take me shopping, that even I don't like shopping now. I just want clothes, and my parents to give me a chance to shop.


I just really want to get clothes, because it's gonna be summer and all my clothing are size 12 and I can't keep wearing this black stuff, and they're so tight on me and squishy. And I really want new clothing, but my mom doesn't have time to take me shopping, but my mom will take my sister to the mall for a day. The only place she takes me to is Winners and mostly everything is adults, teens and I'm small. Please any advice for places to shop, and tomorrow is my birthday and we might go shop.

Update 2:

Thanks so much everyone! My mom took me to the mall and I went to American Eagle and I really like their clothes, H&M and Urban Outfitter but some stores were not at my mall. I never shopped in these stores before, because my mom just took me to the Winners store because it was nearby. I don't have too much, but I'm really happy. Thanks so much, once again. :)

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    Personally, i'd recommend a store called American Eagle as their clothes are good quality and overall soft and I just adore their shorts and jeans, again, super soft and it comes in different styles and colors! I've had mine for a few years now and it's still amazing. But honestly, it would be better if you just checked the directory for the mall you're going to online, and visit the websites of the stores that would interest you check out their clothes and see if there's anything that you like. You don't have to buy online but most of the time what they have online is what they also have in stores. Brands change their fashion all the time, like Victoria Secret Pink went from campus shirts and crews to crop tops and laced up shirts so say if you shopped there 4 years ago, it might not have the same style you liked that long ago. Basically, browse online. I'm sure you know the typical teenage brands like PacSun, Hollister, American Eagle, H&M, Urban Outfitters, etc.

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    You should to try visit and buy clothes through online just like some store is best just like this,,

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    Try asos online, they have a large range. I used to be like you I never got anything I liked from shopping as a teenager. My mum never even bought me a bra for years which made me constantly worry about wearing clothes that show too much I wore scarves and jumpers in the summer on holidays lol. Anyway it can't be worse than that (I hope!) tell your parents that you really need clothes and get them to take you out but with a particular shop in mind, where you know your 'style' might be found there

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