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What's a good price to ask for this computer?

Built a customized Mini-ITX office computer for a friend. He passed away a few months back, and his widow wants to sell this computer as she no longer needs it. It's not a gaming computer, but it can be easily upgraded to gaming capabilities. It uses an LGA1150 motherboard, so 4th/5th gen Intel processors can be used here. It's currently running a Celeron G1840, has 8GB of RAM, 1TB Hybrid SSHD, BluRay player/DVD writer, and 480W ATX PSU. Runs Windows 10 currently, though it started off with Windows 7. Originally built for around US $500. It's easy to upgrade the Celeron to a Core i7 if needed, and install any GPU you like.


Motherboard is LGA1150 so processor is upgradeable up to any kind of i3/i5/i7 if necessary. It can take a full-sized (300 mm) video card too. So yes, it can be upgraded to a pretty decent small-form-factor gaming machine.

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