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What would be the french word for "fangirl"?

in addition to fangirl i need to know how to say ship (the relationship kind), Otp, fanfiction, feels and THIS, all fangirl vocab basically. Translate doesnt pick these words up and i need them for my french speech on the topic of fangirling and how it influences the lives of young people everywhere.

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    As a native French, I can say we don't use this word: fangirl, not even: fanboy. Or at least, I never heard them here..

    If you are talking about an obsessive female fan, who likes / loves something to an excessive level, so we say:

    In masculine:

    _ Il est obsédé par ... ( He is obsessed by .... ). Example:

    Il est obsédé par Nicole Kidman / He is obsessed by Nicole Kidman.

    _ Elle est obsédée par ... ( She is obsessed by..... )

    Elle est obsédée par Lionel Richie. / She is obsessed by Lionel Richie.

    If you are talking about a fan, like for example: fan d'un chanteur, d'une actrice ( fan of a singer, of an actress ), but in a normal way ( not obsessively), so we also use the word: Fan, but alone. Without ' girl' or ' boy' at the end.

    Another example: Je suis fan de Mariah Carey / I'm a fan of Mariah Carey.

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    It's still 'fangirl'.

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    We don't have a word for it, we use 'fan' in the female form, so it is pronounced fa+n

    Elle est une fan de Britney Spear

    Fanfiction is used in French too

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    I don't no what you are talking about

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