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Is there going to be new Alien movies?

Movies except Alien 1,2,3 are very bad. I thought only Ridley Scott can make a good Alien movie. But Prometheus was bad. Alien Covenant box office, sales is not doing good. Profit is low. Some say it is a flop, box office bomb. Many negative reviews. Neill Blomkamp said, Alien 5 is dead.

There is a title Alien Awakening.

Is there going to be new Alien movies?

Is there not going to be new Alien movies for long time, like for 10, 20 years?

I want to see Ridley Scott's new Alien movies before he die. He doesn't have much life left to live.

I am talking about Alien(1979) film series, not other Alien.

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    the new aliens and predator movies were pretty bad, basically cgi technology ruined it, as well as people pirating movies. older movies, use to have animatronics , now its just cgi crap, they push out. from what ive heard prometheus, was like the new superman movie. sadly, i think movies are a dying industry, they are only constant pushing out new crap, just to profit. this is part due to people pirating the movies, and streaming it. most people have moved to cellphones, where they take self-important, and highly narcisstic pictures, posting videos about thier own lives on youtube, instagram, facebook. with a veiwership to support movies like aliens, its unlikely it will be good in the future.

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    Ridley Scott said that he already has two more Alien films in the works.

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    Sorry, no one here can answer that question for you.

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