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Who is Felix Sater?

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  • 4 years ago
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    Great question, and one that our media outlets should have been asking since Trump first announced his run for President.

    David Cay Johnston (2016), "The Making of Donald Trump" describes the long-time Trump business partner Felix Sater as "the Russian-born son of the Russian MAFIA crime boss" and a guy who was caught in 1991 as a stockbroker setting up a $40 million stock fraud scheme designed to make new inroads into Wall Street for LA COSA NOSTRA crime families. Think about this, all you Trump loyalists.

    To avoid prison in 1991, Sater turned "sometime" FBI informant, which might be why no one in the media (other than "The Rachel Maddow Show" ever mentioned him), but this did not mean Sater gave up his MAFIA-connected criminal ways. In 2001, Sater magically became the CEO of the Russian-owned Bayrock Group real estate development firm, and Trump took on Sater as his "senior business consultant" (2002-2008), giving Sater rights to negotiate on his behalf for building sites in Moscow ("I have no business deals with Russia" and "I have never met Putin"---both lies from Trump) and throughout the Russian BLOC, according to Johnston (2016), as well as here in the U.S. It was Bayrock Group and Sater who helped construct the Trump SoHo in New York...and not long after Sater was found to have: (a) stabbed a fellow stockbroker in the face with the stem of a broken Margarita glass with such ferocity the guy needed 120 stitches, and (b) admitted guilt in laundering money for the Russia MAFIA---a crime for which Sater was awaiting sentencing as of November 2016...and yet Sater was seen going into Trump Tower shortly before the election, so one assumes the offices on the 22nd floor of Trump Tower two floors below Trump are still there. Sater is reported to have been the go-between for Trump and top-spy Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, when Trump sent a letter to Kislyak shortly after President Obama punished the Russian hacking by closing down a Russian embassy (we own the building) and expelling the diplomats from the country. We only have one President at a time---and President Obama was that President. For Trump to inject his not-sworn-in civilian self to UNDERMINE a SITTING U.S. PRESIDENT and COUNTERMAND the PRESIDENT'S ORDER in order to give preferential treatment to a HOSTILE FOREIGN POWER is an act of TREASON, and Sater was involved, along with the organized crime lawyer Cohn, who is also Trump's lawyer.

  • 4 years ago

    I am Felix Sater

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