Why did "white" people have to force Blacks to their countries?

Sometimes I get so annoyed when I think about the atrocity that is slavery of Africans. You people steal them and force them to be your slaves only to be made fun of, hated, and treated like **** for all the years after their freedom, they CAN'T just go back to where they came from because they don't know their original ******* culture or language... If I were a Black American, or Black Canadian, or Black European I'd be super bitter, I'm from the Caribbean, I love my Island & even better that it is not being ruled by white people anymore so that allows me to be half happy about where I am from.

But it's terrible, especially for Black women, apparently they are ugly and undesired I guess they look too opposite of a white person, if everyone just stayed in their own ******* country and worked for what they wanted instead of going to other countries and forcing people to do their work for them half the ******** that comes from racism wouldn't happen. I wish all black people could and would just pack up and LEAVE and go to Africa, funny most don't even ******* know where they come from.


I am not talking about blacks being enslaved in their own ******* countries, I'm talking about the blacks that were STOLEN and FORCED to The united states of America. It's one thing to be forced to be a slave because you are lower class and poor but to be brought to another country where you are seen as less because of your unique looks and being poor on top of that is what is upsetting me. To the person that said slavery didn't happen in Canada and ESPECIALLY Europe revisit elementary school.

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    3 years ago
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    "I wish all black people could and would just pack up and LEAVE and go to Africa"

    As soon as reparations are paid in full, repatriation will take place. We'll take approximately 2 million initially. Unfortunately though, many will want to stay with the white man. They say "What's in Africa?". They have Stockholm Syndrome, I'm not knocking them, it's actually not their fault. Stockholm Syndrome is a medical condition, one which we must cure them from. We used to have it too but then our beloved teacher (God rest his soul) came on the scene.

    He said "Separation or death".

  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    I love that Cultural Marxists still ***** about the western slave trade which the evil white people of the west ended 150 years ago, while saying absolutely nothing about the Arab slave trade, which was just as brutal to blacks (perhaps even more so) and only officially ended 40-50 years ago,and which still operates in the gulf states in open secret to this day.

    And, better yet, you have nothing to say about the blacks currently enslaved by other blacks in countries like the Ivory Coast right now.

    Edit: As an aside, OneDrop is absolutely ******* insane. That is all.

  • Abby
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    3 years ago

    Just so you know, down in Africa, the rich Africans were not treating the poor Africans any better than the white Americans were treating the black Americans during the time of slavery. And even now, slavery down in Africa is still alive. And they shouldn't have treated blacks as slaves, but nobody in this day and age could have changed what their ancestors did hundreds of years ago. Also, I do not recall them taking blacks from the Carribean. Only from Africa. And I am pretty sure that only America did that, not Canada nor Europe.

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    1: Blacks are not people

    2: Slavery was not an atrocity, there was nothing wrong with it. Id rather nïggers be slaves then what they are today

    3: Female Blacks (aka 'Negresses') are the most disgusting things on the face of the planet. That is why Nïgger males only go after white women

    4: If you send niggs back to Africa, they will come back because there is nobody to mooch off of. I think we should just kill all those baboon-human hybrids

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  • 3 years ago

    Sorry, I understand your feelings about slavery, (and I share them), but what exactly is your question here? Are you asking why slavery existed?

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    3 years ago

    Political correctness is a disease.

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    3 years ago

    Uh, we didn't. First off, the Bible condemns stealing people and enslaving them, Exodus 21:16, "And he that stealeth a man, and selleth him, or if he be found in his hand, he shall surely be put to death." Secondly, it's not just white people who have enslaved others. White people have enslaved white people. Black people have enslaved black people. Black people have enslaved white people. Asians have enslaved Asians. Native Americans have enslaved Native Americans. The list never ends. Furthermore, you know what else? African tribes are the ones who captured other Black people for the Europeans who came down. The European's rarely ever did the capturing. Tribes in Africa would do the capturing, and then they'd sell other blacks to the Europeans for a nice profit.

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