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The president of the United States thinks it's admirable to grabpussy. Should we play the Access Hollywood tapes to our children?

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    The president of the United States is a crook, a thug, a clown, an agitator, a fascist, a narcissist and a sociopath. He sullies the office every day he keeps occupying it.

    We must explain to our children that there are dark years ahead because cowardly men blinded by greed will do nothing and that unfortunately, sometimes the system fails and that this is indeed a travesty and that this does not make Donald Trump an honorable or admirable man in any way.

    America is turning into a banana republic before our very eyes.

    We will teach children that conservatives have sullied the nation's morals to this point and that when a rich man tells them he should be worshipped, they should tell that rich man to get himself to Hell.

    We got rid of kings for a reason.

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  • 3 years ago

    He was talking in private to one other guy and either fantasizing or bragging about a women's private part. That was something many men say but very few act out other than Bill Clinton who was in the White House during the time he molested and harassed women. Mr. Trump was a private citizen having a private conversation.

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