How do you Permanently get rid of Proxy Server Setting Virus?

So, lately I've been having an issue with my Proxy Server and as I've been looking up methods on how to Fix, it Keeps reverting back. And as I looked up, it turns out that that virus is Browser-related.

I thought I had a good anti-virus software, but it shows my computer is protected, and it doesn't fix the problem. I've tried going into SafeMode, regedit, and doing that whole process, but nope still does not work. I've attempted to delete Proxy Override and ProxyServer. I don't even know what Proxy Migrate is and Do I even need it? The computer I have is Dell Inspiron 15, 3000 series and intel core i5.

I don't need the proxy server to access the internet in any form or way. All I need is the automatic configuration where all I used to have to do would be unticking "use proxy server for your LAN" and check "Automatically Detect Settings," and that worked perfectly fine months up until a few days ago.

This Stupid Proxy Server Setting Virus is VERY Persistent and Very Annoying because it does make my computer slow and not work correctly. It doesn't what I've tried or have done, the Proxy Server Setting Still reverts back to this: port: 64550.

Is there Any Legitimate Free Anti-Malware Software that will Not only scan for malware other MalwareBytes (because I've already done the trial) and permanently delete the malware off my computer Without having to make a purchase?


Also, will shutting down my computer and taking out my battery for a few seconds do anything? Also, SpyHunter 4 was a good anti-malware software because it was thorough, but in order for 'them' to delete the harmful files, it took me to a page for purchase. And I've Literally Tried almost Everything, but Nope, it keeps coming back. I've tried looking into the administrative tools & it doesn't seem like I can fix anything.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Getting rid of a virus does not revert the damage the virus caused.

    It only destroys the virus.

    Years ago I got the Alureon virus. (only one l ever had in my life after my friend used my computer) It destroyed Windows Update, System Restore, Norton Antivirus etc etc.

    Even though I eventually destroyed the virus my system was messd up.

    So l had no other choice but to rebuild from scratch. 8 months I wasted of my life when only took a few hours to rebuild new again, lesson learned.

    Now there exists multi-scanners.

    This will scan your computer using almost every known security program on the internet 68 to be exact.

    Invented by one of Microsofts heads of security who made a tonne of cash and made this incredible freebie.

    It's called HerdProtect, 100% free no ads, no scam and will destroy malware free.

    Also it will give a very through report on whatever it finds.

    This is the most powerful scanner in the world bar none, l don't care what anybody says.

    And if they do say no then prove it.

    Next up is SysInternals package by Microsoft.

    Get the one called Process Explorer. This is a special portable or installable Task Manager on steroids.

    In the far right hand column you will see every running process in your computer being analyzed by the Virus Total data base of about 70 security companies.

    If you have malware these two will find it. And destroy it free.

    Getting back to destroyed computer files. Did you know you can reinstall the entire operating system while still keeping your set up of programs etc.

    It's called a repair install.

    You do this after the malware is all gone to repair the damaged system.

    Then there is Host File editor.

    I'm not too sure on this one but is used to block programs like photoshop etc from calling home by hackers after putting in stolen serial numbers so maybe you can edit your Host File and delete this number.

    Again I am shady on this last one.

    Herdprotect is what l'd start with. If you cannot find all malware with this scanner then there is nothing else because it uses the malware data bases of every antivirus/antimalware on the market practically.

    Uncheck in this menu

    Hope this might work out

  • 4 years ago

    Malwarebytes is free to use after the trial. The trial is for their premium features. The malware removing will still work, just not real time protection and other features. Also, do not trust Spy hunter. Not sure how to help with your problem except to say backup your files and reinstall windows.

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