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How do I decide between 2 baseball teams?

I ve been an Athletics and Jays "fan" for a while now (or since I first got into baseball). The A s because Moneybag was one of my first introductions to baseball and the Jays well because I live in Canada and they re on almost every night. But now I feel the need to pick one and be loyal to that team. Any tips/suggestions to help me choose?

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    You would mean Moneyball, but here is a crazy idea, why don't you chewer for both teams, as they are not rivals and even since they play their home games in too countries. But if you have to pick, then go for your hometown and well your country's baseball team, since baseball is not really too popular in Canada like hockey is.

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    As a lfjelong A's fan, I suggest you choose the Jays.

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    yes i do mean Moneyball, honestly it was auto-correct and thanks for the quick answer I have thought about/debated that idea!

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